Buzz Brümp

We return to München Haus in Leavenworth, WA for our annual bavarian pilgrimage. Nothing like chilling on the patio downing some brats, soft pretzels, cold beer and Buzz Brümp. Set break provided by Fruit Punch.

München Haus

A fun, relaxing, Bavarian-influenced outdoor sausage grill and beer garden where you can enjoy a delicious bratwurst with your family while enjoying refreshments on our balcony with the views of the Cascade Mountains in the distance. We now proudly serve refreshing, delicious, award winning local craft beers from our brewery, Icicle Brewing Company, We (Oliver, Pamela Brulotte and our children Gabrielle, Joshua & Elise) welcome you and hope you enjoy your experience at München Haus and all of your Leavenworth adventures.


One cannot pass by München Haus without stopping to admire the gorgeous flowers that surround the perimeter of the Bavarian Grill and Beer Garden. The flowers flourish under the daily tender loving care of Ben and Tracy Brulotte, Oliver’s parents.


At München Haus, it is our employees that create an unforgettable experience when you dine with us. Whether they are dancing to German tunes, singing out order numbers, telling jokes, or practicing their polka, our employees will bring a smile to your face while at the same time grilling a delicious sausage for you or serving you a refreshing, ice cold beer. We are fortunate to have such a fun and entertaining group that also works very hard!


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