” An electric sound that sweats it out on the dance floor. “


Short Biography

After years of freestyling music and words on riverbeds, beaches, ski lifts, porches and garages, Buzz Brümp was formed in 2010 to spread good vibes and cultural awareness through their music.

Hailing from New Jersey, New York, Colorado and Washington state, their sound can be best described as a “Mixed Bag” of genre-bending goodness that sweats it out on the dance floor.


Long Biography

Nestled deep in the heart of the Great Pacific Northwest exists a motley ensemble of musicians known throughout its emerald mountains, valleys and cities as Buzz Brümp. While officially formed in 2010 in Washington state, a lasting connection was made in the early 1980′s over 3,000 miles away, in an elementary school classroom in the New Jersey outskirts of Philadelphia.

Soko and Hunter’s friendship and shared love of all things music would continue to reconnect them through college and beyond, and would ultimately traverse them to the furthest reaches of the country separately. A 4-track cassette recording they hastily made in 1999 would contain the footprint of some of the songs on Buzz Brümp’s first album, Mixed Bag (2011).

Hunter moved to Seattle in the late 1990′s and met Rib (originally from Texas and Colorado) while whitewater guide training in the Cascades. During their time running trips they logged endless hours of campfire jams, and this provided the early basis of them forming Spare Rib & the Bluegrass Sauce.

Soko moved to Seattle a few years later and joined Coopers Alehouse’s lacrosse team, whose goalie Drew (originally from New York) was also the drummer for the Subdwellers. As time went on Hunter, Soko, Rib and Drew would begin to hold impromptu jam sessions in attics, basements and a handful of small living room parties. Born out of these was the 10-15 piece band SHUTTLE, a rock and jam explosion that would play to capacity crowds a couple times a year at the original Whistling Post in Skykomish, WA, before it tragically burned down.

Fast forward to 2010 where Uncle Uli’s in Leavenworth, WA asked Rib if he had a band to perform on an October date. A discussion around a core 5-piece had been swirling so they accepted the gig, had one practice, decided on the name Buzz Brümp and headed East with Bobby Stein on bass (originally from New Jersey and bass player for Boss Jim Gettys). The name Buzz Brümp is a tribute to “those close that have passed on early”.

While the vast majority of the evening was improvised and unrehearsed, John Brown, Spare Rib’s bass player recorded it and shared it to effusive local praise. The world renowned Tractor Tavern in Seattle offered them a mid-week test opportunity, which encouraged numerous returns and other venue bookings throughout the city.

As it became apparent that something sustainable could be created off of that first show and live recording, Joe (originally from Whidbey Island, WA and a mutual friend) joined the band as the bass player. Stu, his high school buddy and esteemed trombone player sat in with them at a few different Tractor shows and then formally joined the band.

To take it to the next level, the band headed to Paradise Sound in Index, WA with a highly limited budget and incomplete repertoire to record their first album. Over the course of three days of recording and lyrical brainstorming they achieved the impossible and cranked out Mixed Bag, an aptly named album and genre for the diverse amount of musical styles they looked to incorporate. As aficionados of all music types, and as part of a generation of shortened attention spans, they created a unique sound that weaves in and out of a myriad of genres with dramatic changes. The inclusion of mandolin, guitars (electric, acoustic and slide), trombone, harmonica, banjo, drums, electric bass and vocal harmonies provided a diverse toolset to maneuver with.

For the album release they utilized a three pronged marketing strategy. It coincided with a feature column in Relix Magazine’s Widespread Panic print edition, and included the song “Morning Sky” on the included sample CD, as well as on relix.com and jambase.com’s music players. The band also released a high energy music video for “Buzz Brümp Stomp” that combined live performance footage from the Conscious Culture Festival in Tonasket, WA and big wave surf footage from the Tahiti leg of the Stand Up World Tour, the official world championships of standup paddle surfing. The video was produced by the Waterman League, its parent company, and was distributed globally through all of their media channels.

In terms of live performances, they made a push to play at the famed Nectar Lounge in the Fremont district of Seattle, WA. One of the early shows performed there co-billed Corner State, and Rhino, their Rapper/Djembe extraordinaire sat in for a few songs. In time Rhino would sit in at various shows throughout Seattle and eventually became a full-time member of the band.

The band has subsequently returned to Paradise Sound to record their second album, the first to include Rhino. It is halfway to completion and is slated for a 2018 release.

Their musical diversity has allowed them to co-bill with such luminaries as:

The String Cheese Incident, The Revivalists, Nahko and Medicine for the People, The Wailers, ORGŌNE, ALO, John Brown’s Body, Current Swell,  The Polish Ambassador, The Floozies, Eddie Spaghetti, The Infamous Stringdusters, Ayron Jones & the Way, Jazz Is Phish, Particle, New Monsoon, Zach Deputy, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Clinton Fearon, Larry and His Flask, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Indubious, Danny Barnes, Five Alarm Funk, Groovesession, Whitewater Ramble, Kuinka, Yak Attack, Caleb Clauder, Satchel, Grant Farm, Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands, Flowmotion and others.

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